President Joe Biden’s bizarre behavior at a press conference on Thursday, June 24, brought the trend “Creepy Joe” to the forefront of the social networking site Twitter.

Last week, Biden was criticized for yelling at CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins for asking him about his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and now for bizarrely whispering answers into the microphone, rather than uttering them in a normal voice.

Thursday’s White House press conference was about announcing that a bipartisan group of senators reached a tentative agreement on an infrastructure bill.

Biden behaved strangely throughout the press conference, repeatedly leaning over the podium and answering reporters’ questions in a whisper, according to a Fox News report.

Conservative media outlet Townhall posted a video of Biden’s press conference on Twitter, compiling the moments where he leaned into the microphones to whisper his answers to the press.

This triggered the hashtag “Creepy Joe” to trend on Twitter, with some lawmakers like Republican Reps. Andy Biggs (Ariz.), and Claudia Tenney (NY), to comment on how “creepy” the president was being.

The truth is that this “Creepy Joe” nickname is not new, but one that the president has had for a long time, mainly for invading personal space and making women and children uncomfortable.

Another bizarre behavior by Biden at Thursday’s press conference is recorded when he awkwardly laughs after Kamala Harris had to approach him to remind him to address the tragic collapse of a Florida condo.

Cognitive testing

Given the apparent signs of mental deterioration exhibited by Biden, former White House physician and now U.S. House of Representatives lawmaker Ronny Jackson addressed a stern letter to the president, demanding that he be given an immediate cognitive test.

The letter, which is also signed by a group of lawmakers, argues “mental deterioration and forgetfulness have become more evident over the past eighteen months,” in Biden’s public performances reported The Daily Wire June 17.

As can be seen in videos and photos, at the recent G7 leader’s summit in the UK, Biden did not play a leading role but instead appeared confused and forgetful.