According to the mayor’s office, Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson admitted that he “had a few drinks” after being found “slumped over” in a car early Thursday morning, Oct. 17.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot declined to say whether the superintendent should have been driving or whether a sobriety test should have been issued, in an interview with the Sun-Times on Friday.

The mayor said she would wait for the outcome of the internal investigation before determining whether the rules were bent to protect the boss and on keeping Johnson accountable.

A 911 caller reported seeing a man in a vehicle at a stop sign “slumped over” and “asleep.” Police responded to the scene and the police department confirmed it was Johnson in the car.

Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said the superintendent pulled over in his car and parked near his home after feeling lightheaded at about 12:30 a.m. Thursday. He was on his way home after dinner.

Officers said no signs of impairment were found, and Johnson drove home.

A spokeswoman for the police department said doctors changed the prescription for Johnson earlier this week. Johnson, 60, confirmed on Wednesday that he felt exhausted, said Guglielmi. He went back to the doctor on Thursday to be checked for issues related to his blood pressure.

The spokesman described the situation as a “health incident,” but said the superintendent called for an investigation by Internal Affairs.

According to a police statement, the superintendent said, “Whether you are a police officer or a superintendent, all officers ought to be held to the highest standard.”

The superintendent spoke about the accident to the press on Thursday and said he had forgotten to substitute his old medicine with his new medicine, which left him lightheaded as he pulled over at a stop sign before “fell asleep.”

No breathalyzer or sobriety test was performed, but after the incident, responding officers had an off-the-air in-person meeting with their supervisor.

On Thursday, the neurologist of the superintendent told him that his blood pressure was high.

Over recent years, the superintendent has suffered from a number of health issues. After a blood clot was discovered after a physical examination, he was hospitalized in June. He was given a kidney transplant about two years ago.

The superintendent’s blood pressure was not high enough to keep him from working on Thursday. Johnson said, however, that he would go to the ER again to get checked out.

CPD Supt. Eddie Johnson speaks after being found slumped over in car due to health incident

CPD Supt. Eddie Johnson speaks after being found slumped over in car due to health incident…

Posted by WGN TV on Thursday, October 17, 2019