After appearing on the Stew Peters Show to warn Americans about the COVID vaccinations, Dr. Peter McCullough, a famous physician, and specialist on COVID-19 or CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, is being sued by Texas-based health organization Baylor Scott & White (BSWH).

Dr. McCullough is being sued for allegedly misrepresenting himself as a spokesperson for BSWH during an interview. He gave his professional opinion on the coronavirus vaccines and highlighted his concerns. The complaint comes on the heels of BSWH’s decision to require immunization for all of their 40,000 employees, Life Site News reported.

McCullough is, in reality, a Baylor University graduate who served as the Vice-Chair of Internal Medicine at Baylor University Medical Center from Jan. 2014 until Feb. 2021. Although he did not mention Baylor during the conversation, his previous title was flashed on the screen during the Stew Peters show.

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Stew Peters has since reacted on his show and slammed the complaint, saying it’s: “nothing less than an attack on Dr. McCullough’s character meant to discredit [him].”

Dr. McCullough’s affiliation with Baylor is likewise well-known, according to Peters.

“As a current active member of medical staff for both Baylor University Medical Center and Baylor Heart and Vascular hospital and with an office on campus, Dr. McCullough is associated on public internet platforms and groups with countless links and mentions to BSWH,” he said.

Peters added that Dr. McCullough is also a “prominent graduate from Baylor with an endowed scholarship in his name.”

He is “commonly associated as a point of pride for Baylor,” who “kept him up on their website until mid–July creating a whole bunch of confusion with hundreds of media personnel.”

Peters admitted to making the editing error that permitted BSWH to bring about the case: “We made an error, and as a result of our error, … he is being sued.”

But he also expressed his concern about the actual cause underlying the lawsuit, “They announced the lawsuit on the day they announced the ill-advised COVID-19 mandatory vaccination program for their 40,000 employees, many of whom do not want this shot.”

Dr. McCullough has faced censorship before. As the most published author in his area and one of America’s leading physicians on early treatment for CCP virus, he has faced dire penalties before for merely voicing his expert opinion on the reaction to COVID-19. In 2020, a video he posted on YouTube on early cancer therapy was blocked for “violating the terms of the YouTube community.”

In a speech to the Texas Senate Health and Human Service Committee, McCullough recently blasted this suppression, calling it a “near total block of information” regarding a treatment that may have decreased CCP virus fatalities by 85%.

McCullough was already skeptical of the COVID vaccine at the time, claiming that “broad vaccination has no scientific, clinical, or safety reason given an 80% degree of herd immunity.”


Several doctors’ groups have shown their support for Dr. Peter McCullough since the case was launched.

“Health Freedom Defense Fund stands by Dr. Peter McCullough and other physicians and scientists courageous enough to put patients, scientific progress, and truth first,” said the Health Freedom Defense Fund in an Aug. 1 statement.

“As Dr. McCullough is the Chief Medical Advisor for the Truth for Health Foundation, I am pleased to share that the Truth for Health Foundation is setting up a legal defense fund against medical censorship,” stated Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, President and CEO of the Truth for Health foundation.

“We encourage people to go to our website and sign up for email notices and donate to help ALL the doctors and others facing such attacks! Donations to the foundation are tax deductible,” she added.

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