Chinese journalists have revealed classified government documents that show the extent of the lies and a coverup of the true situation with the CCP Virus (coronavirus) within Wuhan. The first lie from the Party started with the timing of the emergence of the virus in Wuhan.

Authorities knew about the virus much earlier than they had admitted, as reported in a Skye News Special. People inside China are blowing the whistle, and are telling the outside world about the deception perpetrated by the communist regime.

The death toll has been much bigger than the official figures indicate, doctors who tried to warn of the severity of the infection were punished, some have disappeared. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) claims the first infection was identified in a patient around Dec. 31, 2019, but this has proved to be a deliberate lie.

Skye reports that according to Josephine Ma, the editor of the South China Morning Post, “In 2019, there were already over 200 cases,” Ma said, “from the classified government records we have seen.”

“What we have found is that there are actually cases in November.” Ma claims authorities knew of an infected person, a 55-year-old woman on Nov. 17. Now that’s six and a half weeks before the rest of the world was told about the pandemic. Before the lockdown was put in place, 5 million citizens had already left, they traveled to all parts of the world, helping to create the pandemic.

In Wuhan, a city of 11 million, where the virus first began, workers are back on the job, construction sites are being manned, manufacturing wheels have started turning, and on the surface, it looks like life has returned almost to normal. The lockdown in the city has been relaxed, and on Wednesday, April 8 it was lifted.

A Chinese nurse treating virus-infected patients in Wuhan issued the warning, and also advised everyone in Wuhan not to go outside, in order to avoid them being infected with the virus, and asked for more equipment to be sent to the city. (Screenshot video @Star Gazer Vlog 101/YouTube)

The second lie in the coverup is that the CCP has claimed around 2,500 deaths occurred in Wuhan from CCP Virus, however, records tell a very different story. Wuhan residents tell of the city’s crematoriums being delivered hundreds of urns every day.

“One Chinese media report talked to a truck driver, and that driver has delivered 5,000 urns to a funeral home—and that is one of eight funeral homes in Wuhan,” said Ma. “Five thousand alone is much bigger than the official number of deaths,” she added.

Sen. Tom Cotton is not convinced the virus emanated from the Wuhan wet markets, “We do know there are laboratories researching coronaviruses within just a few miles of that food market,” he said. “The Chinese Communist Party is going to great lengths to conceal what happened in those laboratories,” he added.

The responsibility of the deaths of tens of thousands worldwide can be laid at the feet of the CCP.

China’s day of reckoning may be coming soon, as the rest of the world has woken up to the deceit that has cost countless lives and livelihoods across the planet. Not to mention the number of economies that have been decimated. China must be held accountable.

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