One courageous woman overcame the 114-daylong wait to see her husband who has  Alzheimer’s, whom she could not see because of the pandemic until she took the job washing dishes at the nursing home where he was staying.

Mary Daniel has been visiting her husband and helping him prepare for bed every night at Rosecastle assisted living and memory care center in Jacksonville, Florida, since he was diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s, CBS News reported on July 10.

Obviously, since the isolation of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus was declared in March, the couple has been separated.

“I put him in a memory care center and everything was going very, very well,” said Mary, who was watching her husband Steve’s progress. “He was thriving with all the people, and in March, obviously everything changed,” she added.

From that unexpected separation, Mary began a tireless campaign to get permission to visit Steve again, but she only managed to get them to see each other from the window twice a week, which for him meant suffering that was expressed in his tears because he did not understand the reason for the separation.

“He was just crying. You can’t explain it to him,” Mary said.

In search of solutions, the courageous woman did not cease to make proposals to the asylum where her husband was staying.

Mary suggested to the caretakers that she could bring a therapy dog or, better yet, volunteer in one of the areas of the facility.

At her insistence, the administration offered her the job as a dishwasher, which Mary immediately and happily accepted, and on July 3, she met with Steve again.

“He had his eyes full of tears,” Mary shared excitedly through her Facebook account. “He touched my face, even with the mask on,” she continued.

Before that, she had to meet a number of requirements including testing for the CCP (Communist Party of China) Virus.

“After 114 days, today I can hug my husband. I also washed many dishes,” adds the comforted woman.

“Proof that where there is a will there is a way,” she concluded, convinced of the wisdom of her insistence on helping her husband with Alzheimer’s.

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