Authorities in Portland, Oregon, arrested Adebisi A. Okuneye, 23, and Leopold A. Hauser, 22, on Aug. 24 after they were accused of attacking a sympathizer of President Donald Trump, according to a post from the victim’s wife on her Facebook account.

Luke Lenzner was assaulted as he left a bar for wearing the red cap with the MAGA sign, a hallmark of President Trump’s supporters.

Leah Lenzner wrote that they were in a bar having a drink when they began to be verbally harassed by other customers, who called them “racists.”

Faced with the generalized hostility, they went out into the street, but Okuneye and Hauser followed them and began to beat Luke Lenzer, who in turn did not respond with violence and kept his cap on despite several people’s attempts to remove it.

As a result of the punches, Lezner was injured in the face and had cuts and bruises on his arms, which made him seek medical attention, according to Daily Mail.

Luke Lenzner after the attack in front of a bar in Portland, Oregon, United States. (Screenshot/KPTV-KPDX)
Luke Lenzner after the attack in front of a bar in Portland, Ore. (Screenshot/KPTV-KPDX)

“Almost the entire bar stands against him and he stood his ground,” Leah Lenzner wrote on his Facebook account. “I’m so proud of my husband for being so strong,” she added.

Although the attackers had left when the police arrived, they were arrested a few blocks away because Luke gave the police the license plate.

“I got to see first hand how someone is treated in Portland when they wear a Make America Great Again hat; it’s no good,” Leah Lenzner said in her post.

The red cap with the ‘MAGA’ sign, an acronym for “Make America Great Again,” was launched during the campaign for the presidency of then-candidate Donald Trump in 2016.

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