According to the Coronado Fire Department, a 4-year-old girl was run over by a lifeguard truck at a Coronado beach on Monday, July 8.

The child was crouched in the sand at about 6:15 p.m. when she was struck, CFD Fire Chief Jim Lydon said. she was at the north end of Coronado Beach near Dog Beach. A witness said that when the truck hit her, the child was indeed crouched.

The driver’s side front and back tires went over the young girl, verified Lydon.

At the time, the Coronado Lifeguard was carrying out standard patrol activities behind the wheel, the fire department said.

In addition to an inner inquiry, the Coronado Police Department is conducting an accident inquiry as the truck concerned is owned by the town.

At the scene near Lifeguard Tower 6C, the 4-year-old was treated and later transferred to Rady Children’s Hospital. The magnitude of her wounds at this moment is unknown, although a hospital spokeswoman said she was in “good condition.”

The mom and dad were at the scene.

There was no additional information available.

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