A 77-year-old murderer — back on the streets because he was considered too old to murder again — was convicted this week of fatally stabbing a Maine woman while her twin children were watching.

It took jurors in Auburn less than an hour to convict Albert Flick guilty of killing Kimberly Dobbie, 48, outside a laundromat in Lewiston on July 15, 2018.

Her twin 11-year-old children were nearby and the moments they ran to their mom as she was dying was captured by security cameras.

“I’m glad the verdict is done and over and I’m glad he’ll never be able to walk the streets again,” Dobbie’s friend James Lipps informed journalists outside the tribunal on Wednesday.

Assistant Attorney General Bud Ellis said that he was going to ask a judge to make sure that Flick didn’t see the daylight again.

It wasn’t the first time that Flick assaulted a woman violently.

In 1979, in shockingly similar circumstances, he murdered his spouse, Sandra, stabbing her to death while nearby was the young daughter of the woman. He was convicted of assassination and served behind bars for 25 years.

Flick was convicted of assaulting two other females in 2010, following his release in 2004. A judge convicted Flick to nearly four years behind bars — resisting recommendations of prosecutors and probation officials to give him eight or nine years, believing that the person would be too old to commit more violent acts.

He relocated to Lewiston after Flick’s release in 2014. Prosecutors said he was infatuated with Dobbie and followed her around the city and even ate in the homeless shelter where she stayed. The murderer and his victim were not in a partnership, testified witnesses.

Dobbie was stabbed 14 times and a state medical examiner testified that the injuries penetrated her heart and a lung.

Flick is scheduled for sentencing for Aug. 9 and he could get behind bars anywhere from 25 years to life.

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