The Detroit Secretary of State recently announced that in Wayne County, Detroit, 36 percent of absentee voters mysteriously had not received a request to vote at home. 

Why did so many people in Wayne County cast their absentee ballots even though they didn’t request or receive an application to vote?

Detroit continues to be the focus of voter fraud scandals. With new reports by Secretary of State Janice M. Winfrey, as reported by The Gateway Pundit, suggesting the large proportion of unreceived voter applications and absentee ballots received in Wayne County suggests a new possible case of voter fraud that should be investigated.

The rate of missing data for when an absentee ballot was sent to a voter is four times greater in heavily Democrat Detroit/Wayne County than in the rest of the state.

According to the Michigan Bureau of Elections, “If that field is blank, it simply means that the voter was never sent an absentee application. With the new Online Absentee Application [and] lots of voters sent an app in through MVIC, so they were never sent one.”

MVIC refers to the Michigan Voter Information Center run by the Department of State that mailed absentee ballot applications to everyone in Michigan. 

Of the 2,719,718 absentee ballots received in total in the state of Michigan, 252,456 absentee ballots were cast, although no request from the voter for an absentee ballot was made, nor was one sent by the local clerk.

The difference between the state average of 9 percent and Wayne County’s 36 percent is tough to explain from logic. It’s not so strange that a small percentage of people, for some reason, have not received their absentee ballot at home and have requested an emergency ballot to vote. But it is striking that 36 percent of absentee voters have had these kinds of problems. 

The confusing situation forces authorities to investigate what happened that Wayne County has a rate four times higher than Michigan’s state. It’s possible that some outside source was operating in Wayne County and requesting absentee ballots for registered voters outside of traditional pathways.

Systemic fraud at the state level would require not having a record of the applications sent to the people who voted in a non-face-to-face way to limit the ability to trace any fraud. Another option that cannot be ruled out is that it could have been an oversight in data concealment.

There were a total of 5,538,211 votes cast in Michigan. Of these, 2,251,705 (40.6 percent) were in-person votes and 3,286,506 (59.4 percent) were absentee votes. Wayne/Detroit County cast 878,196 votes, with 566,788 (64.5 percent) absentee ballots and 311,408 (35.5 percent) in-person votes cast.

Wayne County is already under investigation for other serious allegations of voter fraud. According to The BL, an election crime lawsuit was filed in Wayne County Circuit Court in Detroit on Monday, Nov. 9.

The lawsuit alleges “massive fraud in election counting procedures” and calls for the annulment of county election results and a new election.

One Michigan data vendor with regular business in front of the Secretary of State said, “This isn’t necessarily a smoking gun for fraud, but it does suggest that either wide-scale ballot harvesting was being done, or the post office was backdating illegal ballots, or there was widespread absentee ballot fraud as many people have alleged.”

It’s very suspicious that four times more absentees are missing this data than anywhere else in Michigan, this data suggests Trump may have won the state by 30,000 votes,” the Michigan data vendor added.

The complaint states that the criminal acts “disenfranchised legal voters and potentially changed the outcome of the election,” reports American Greatness.

A local employee said that many voters in Detroit were illegally “trained” to vote for Biden, with poll workers accompanying the voter into the voting booth to “coach” them on how to vote.

Fox News correspondent Matt Finn tweeted that the lawsuit alleges late votes and no matching signatures. It also includes an affidavit from a city employee who claims he was asked to reschedule the ballots.

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