On May 8, Megan Rohrer, a biologist, became the first transgender person to become a bishop in a major U.S. denomination, breaking with sacred and ancient biblical teachings.

After a contentious and close vote by the Sierra Pacific Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), Megan prevailed by just 2 votes over Pastor Jeff R. Johnson, Living Lutheran reported.

Roher, 41, is a Lutheran pastor and a well-known member of the LGBT community, thanks to her activism. In addition to her recent controversial appointment, she guest-starred on the Netflix series “Queer Eye.” 

As early as college Rohrer set out to ‘change’ the rules of the religious institution for what she felt ‘was right. ‘ Coupled with another woman and with two children, she became pastor of a far-left church in San Francisco called Grace Lutheran Church, reports LifeSite.

In the videos on her church’s website, one can view her controversial sermons. She usually points to not confessing individual behaviors and confessing collective behaviors that led to messing up the country. In this way, one can appreciate her progressive tendency and quest to justify or not to question any individual bad behavior, following the discourse of the extreme left that plagues the USA.

Although for Lutheranism, the teachings of the Bible are unique and sacred, and even pastoral ordination is in principle strictly male, some sectors of the Lutheran Churches have begun to lean toward progressivism, deviating and accepting reforms through liberal theology.

The history of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) is more than questionable; it does not follow many of the basic tenets of any religious body. Within the U.S., it is the seventh-largest Lutheran denomination. According to 2019 statistics, it has the highest rate of membership loss, which must be attributed to its increasingly left-leaning leanings.

Already in the 1970s, it was “ordaining women,” it was in the year 1992 when they ordained the first woman “bishop.”

The year 2009 proved crucial in its leftward turn and was the beginning of the mass exodus of congregations. In the two years that followed, more than 600 congregations left the organization because they began ordaining homosexuals and blessing same-sex unions.

Because they disagreed with the ELCA’s stance of promoting sexual immorality, more than 500,000 people have left the ELCA since 2013.

And to top it off, a few months ago, more precisely in December 2020, Emily Scott, who serves as a Lutheran pastor, organized a ‘Drag Queen Christmas.’

The website exposingtheelca.com exposes the ELCA and lists the points in which this organization has moved away from the Christian faith, which is the constant use of inappropriate language among the clergy, homosexuality, approval of abortion, and payment of ‘sex change’ surgeries of employees.

Given all of the above, it is not surprising that the ELCA has chosen a transgender woman as a ‘bishop.’ Although we can still expect more.

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