Conservative rappers Christopher “Topher” Townsend and The Marine Rapper, were suspended on Spotify and and then Instagram on Jan. 6. However, despite the censorship, young people continue to choose them and on Saturday night they reached the No. 1 spot in downloads from the iTunes platform. 

At the time of the demonstration, dozens of leftist infiltrators with the help of the Capitol Police entered the Capitol Building and the conservative rappers Townsend and The Marine Rapper were just over a mile away on stage at a Veterans for Trump rally.

As the performers were at the height of their onstage show, a White House staffer approached and informed them of what was happening inside the Capitol and invited them to suspend the show.

A few hours after leaving the stage, when they returned to the hotel they had rented for their stay in Washington, the artists learned that Spotify had removed “The Patriot,” their most popular song, from its music streaming platform.  

Townsend, then uploaded a video of the suspended show at the recent rally to his Instagram account, and the platform immediately removed the video and blocked him from uploading live videos, citing an alleged violation of community guidelines. 

DistroKid, the popular distribution service that places music in online stores, was also heavily used by fans of Townsend and The Marine Rapper, and a week later they received notification that they had been removed from their platform for the song “The Patriot,” which did not meet their legal standards.

After releasing “The Patriot” on Dec. 19, Townsend and TMR were beginning to enjoy some of the best hits of their careers. Before it was dropped, the independent artists’ track was outperforming several of the most popular artists in the style in listenership and downloads. 

The Patriot” contains no profanity and the artists insist the song’s message is positive and patriotic. TMR said he believes he and Topher were attacked for espousing conservative values and supporting former President Trump. 

Townsend has a massive following on social media and has become one of the leading conservative voices for young people in the United States. And censorship seemed to end up playing in their favor and boosting the curiosity of young people because on Saturday, despite trying to silence their voices, they managed to be in the No. 1 spot for Hip Hop downloads on iTunes.