An African American college student was beaten up by a white student, described as a “deranged leftist and LGBT activist,” after a discussion through social networks on Dec. 5.

When Floyd Johnson II was at Sacramento State College he was insulted by leftist Keaton Hill, who also beat him repeatedly, according to local media The Sacramento Bee.

The incident was recorded by Kaitlin Bennett, also a Republican as the assaulted student, who posted the video.

” I didn’t choose to fight back because I’m 6-foot-5 and he’s 5-foot-6 or 5-foot-7 or something. It really would have been unfair,” Johnson told the newspaper.

Hill had written a note on an anti-abortion page of a friend of Johnson’s on Dec. 5: ” I hope that kid on your page dies of whatever cancer they have,” according to The Sacramento Bee, so they kept arguing for a while.

Later Hill also insulted Bennett by uttering obscenities at her and any of you Republicans who want to shame me for being the proud gay man that I am … and you can kiss my [obscenity removed]” and other insults.

The head of the University Police Department, Mark Iwasa, reported that Johnson had filed a report but no charges had been filed.

At a previous event, Johnson had intervened to prevent Hill from beating another student of African descent at a Republican university event.

The university issued no-contact order to the two students, according to KCRA-TV.

Also, the president of the university, Robert Nelsen, referred to the incident.

“In today’s increasingly tense political climate, we must take care of each other and treat each other with respect, despite our differences,” Nelsen said in an e-mail.

Conservative students are often assaulted at universities and cannot wear caps with the MAGA sign, the slogan “Make America Great Again” because they are verbally and physically attacked.

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