Democratic lawmakers in Connecticut are again trying to pass a law to penalize pro-life clinics that do not include abortion as part of their services, arguing that women are “misled” into receiving counseling at these facilities, Breitbart reported.

SB 835, “An Act Concerning Deceptive Advertising Practices of Limited Services Pregnancy Centers,” is based on the grounds that these pregnancy centers engage in “deceptive” advertising by not recommending abortion to the pregnant woman.

If the law is passed, the Attorney General would have the authority to sanction pro-life centers.

According to the Hartford Courant, Connecticut Attorney General William Tong expressed clear bias when he said, “If a pregnant woman is delayed in learning her options, it can contribute to the loss of safer methods as well as the inability to terminate a pregnancy altogether.”

This is the fourth year that Democrats have attempted to pass the bill, which was rejected the previous three years.

Pro-life organizations have dismissed the rationale for the legislation since, by being pro-life centers, women know that no abortions are performed there. Hence, the claim that they are being “misled” really loses its value.

The Family Institute of Connecticut (FIC) chided the ambiguous language used in the bill, whose ultimate goal is perverse.

“The bill offers no specifics on what language is considered deceptive, yet it forces pregnancy centers to pay for ‘corrective advertising’ if their ads are deemed deceptive. It would, in essence, put pro-abortionists in charge of deciding what acceptable advertising for pro-lifers is,” FIC stated.

According to the Connecticut Pregnancy Care Coalition (CPCC), the abortion group NARAL is behind these laws that seek to subdue anti-abortion institutions because they see it as competition for their sinful abortion industry.

Based on Charlotte Lozier Institute’s (CLI) statistics, there are 2700 pregnancy care centers in the United States, and in 2019 they provided their services to nearly two million women.

While there is almost no cost for services at these centers, the fact that there is an increasing number of women using its services means less money for the abortionist.

CLI President Chuck Donovan said pro-life medical centers “provide a multitude of free services, including excellent medical care, for millions of women and men. Eight in 10 people involved at pregnancy centers are volunteers.”

Perhaps because a Democrat who has promised that abortion will be “the law of the land” now sits in the White House, these abortion organizations feel they have more support to challenge people’s natural choice.