Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.), has pledged to discover the truth about the origins of the CCP Virus that began in Wuhan, China, and hold those responsible for the pandemic accountable, along with the World Health Organization (WHO) for the part it played in the coverup.

Speaking exclusively with  Fox News, Scott said, “We have failed to call out China for who they are—call out these international organizations for who they are, and you see Democrats out there trying to defend the WHO. It’s the craziest thing in the world.”

“This is a group that said there was no local transmission when they knew there was. So we’re doing an investigation. I’m on the Homeland Security Committee, so I’m going to lead the investigation of the WHO. We’re going to find out what was their pandemic plan, did they follow the pandemic plan, and when did they get different information from what they put out,” Scott added.

The former Florida governor will be heading a congressional probe into the CCP and the WHO, and he intends to find answers.

“[The WHO] does not have our interests at heart. They’re just a parrot for the Chinese Communist Party,” he said. “And it doesn’t appear that anything we’re doing has had any impact on the WHO yet. They haven’t changed anything. I don’t think Tedros [Adhanom Ghebreyesus] feels any pressure.”

“From what I understand as I’ve been learning more about the WHO, they clearly had technical information that they did not put out publicly,” Scott added. “We’ll figure out whether the virus was created, whether it was released. Over time we will figure that out. But the reality is, whether it came out of the wet market or whether it came out of the lab, the worst thing is they intentionally did not tell the world and look at what’s happened.”

The WHO has been under scrutiny during the pandemic over a January tweet citing officials from China who claimed there was no evidence of human-to-human spread of the CCP Virus.

Scott has promised to discover the origins of the virus, if it came from a Wuhan laboratory, how it managed to spread unchecked to the rest of the world, and exactly who is responsible for the hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide. Scott said the WHO was complicit with the CCP and failed to exert any pressure on its leaders to be upfront with the rest of the world.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping. (Screenshot /Twitter:@lavozpopuli1)

“We know the Chinese numbers don’t appear to be accurate at all,” Scott told Fox News. “We have to remember—every time I talk about China I say, remember it’s communist China, run by the Communist Party of China. Don’t ever forget who they are. You may have friends that live in communist China but they aren’t the ones running the country. The Communist Party runs the country. They make all these decisions and they’re anti-American, they want world domination. They’re not a competitor, they are an adversary now.”

“The biggest thing we can do is stop buying their stuff,” he continued. “They steal our jobs, they steal our technology, and now they’ve intentionally caused a problem that’s killing American jobs, killing Americans and Europeans, and people all over the world.”

“So I think the biggest thing we can do is make sure Americans stop buying their products. And it’s a twofer because then we help build our own economy up again by bringing manufacturing back here.”

The way the United States needs to hit back at the CCP is to refuse to do business with it said Scott.

“Last year I did a bill that I’m optimistic will get passed. It’s called the PRIME Act,” Scott said. “Which says that if you’re an online reseller then you’ve got to disclose where things are made. I think that would be really interesting to consumers because they’re very fed up with Communist China. On top of that, I’ve got a bill that says we’re not going to ever depend on China again for our stockpile. We’re going to have an American-made stockpile and the ability to ramp up American-made products for the next pandemic. I think I have a good shot at getting both of those passed.”

Scott has been speaking with ambassadors around the world, hoping everyone will join together to deal with the fallout from the virus, and make decisions on how to move forward.

“It’s [the CCP’s] fault that all these people died. They tried to give people a few masks—things like that and said, ‘Oh we’re good people.’ Well, their government is not [good],” Scott added. “Their government intentionally killed a lot of people around the world with their lack of transparency. They’ll try to act like the good guy. They’ll hand out ventilators whether they work or not, maybe some masks. But here’s the positive—One thing I’m trying to do is make sure every country is saying the same thing.”

“Let’s get the facts on the WHO,” he continued. “Let’s get the facts on where this was created. Then we can make good decisions. So I’ve been talking to ambassadors all over the world to say, what can I do to make sure your government does the same thing. And I’m not telling them they should come to a conclusion right now. I’m saying, get the facts and then use the facts to make a decision about how you protect your country and how you help us protect the world.”