A hysterical claim about Iranian Americans being detained is making its way all over Twitter as various Democrats are pushing it.

“BREAKING: US CUSTOMS & BORDER PROTECTION NATIONALLY HAVE BEEN ORDERED TO DETAIN & “REPORT” ALL IRANIANS ENTERING THE COUNTRY DEEMED POTENTIALLY SUSPICIOUS OR “ADVERSARIAL” REGARDLESS OF CITIZENSHIP STATUS. 60+ Iranis held last night at the US/Canada border for 11+ hrs / thread,”  Twitter account “hodakatebi,” a self-described “political fashion writer” who once served as CAIR’s communications coordinator in Chicago, wrote.

The rumor then began spreading like wildfire and has been shared nearly 67,000 times, despite the fact that the Border Patrol personally corrected the misinformation when the tweet had fewer than 20,000 retweets. Liberals commented on the post that they don’t believe the agencies.

Among those pushing the myth are members of our own government, that is including:

Two House Democrats:

One Democrat congressional candidate:

And one Governor:

According to RedState, the rumor was based on the fact that someone who happened to be of Iranian descent was given a secondary expectation at the Canadian border, and that boils down to an increased inspection upon entry. “This is not unusual and could have happened by sheer chance or simply because the threat level was higher after the embassy attack. No one was being ‘detained’ or denied entry based on nationality,” the news outlet reported.