It seems like a Wisconsin company didn’t get the entire gun safety memo after they decided to give a handgun as a Christmas present to each employee.

Last year, Ben Shot, a company that produces novelty glassware embedded with a bullet, stated that giving their employees a choice of revolver as a gift is part of an effort to promote team building and personal safety.

There are 16 full-time employees in the company, including several veterans, and some who have never fired a gun. This is the company’s first time giving a handgun to employees.

Several workers were excited about the gift of Christmas and hope it would inspire them and keep them safe. Nonetheless, at least two employees initially claimed that they reject the offer, but contemplated approving it after taking a gun safety course that was required by company executives before they gave the guns.

Employees were given the opportunity to select the type of weapon they wanted with a value of up to $500. Some opted for smaller firearms, while others picked larger ones and then pay the company the difference. They decided to purchase additional equipment such as ammunition and hostess.

The business owners said they were not worried about violence in the workplace because the business has a small workforce and all employees know each other well.