A Colorado laboratory denied care to commentator Candace Owens, who needed to take a COVID (CCP virus) test, because of her political position, Fox News reported on Thursday, Sept. 2. 

Owens posted a screenshot of the email sent to her by the lab on her social media. The email said her reservation had been canceled, and she was being denied service for questioning the mandates for facemasks and vaccinations. 

“I’ve just learned of this testing request and as the owner of this business am going to refuse this booking and deny service. We cannot support anyone who has pro-actively worked to make this pandemic worse by spreading misinformation, politicizing and DISCOURAGING the wearing of masks and actively dissuading people from receiving life-saving vaccinations,” said Suzanna Lee, owner of Aspen Laboratories.

Tucker Carlson said during his “Tucker Carlson Tonight” program where he hosted the commentator, that while it is usual for U.S. citizens with certain political affiliations to be singled out, punished and denied certain services, this may be one of the first cases where a person is denied medical treatment, citing this reason. 

In introducing Owens on the program, Carlson said he was sorry for what had happened to her, that “this doesn’t sound like America.” 

Owens stated that even if she did not wish to be tested, because of the sudden government restrictions, she must routinely resort to these tests to prove her negativity to the CCP virus so that she can go about her daily activities. He further noted that she has a busy work schedule and in the past two years, she has had to make numerous trips. 

“This is one of the only ways you can maintain your bodily autonomy right now and they’re saying if you do not get the vaccination then you need a COVID test to move. If you go to an event you need a negative COVID test; if you want to leave the country or fly,” she said.

Regarding the lab’s refusal she said, that this itself contradicts the very narrative that people like Lee promote, that there is “a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” if this were so, if they really believed it, she said, “why would you prevent somebody from complying with local COVID measures and trying to get a test and do the right thing? That doesn’t make sense,” and “such behavior defies the science [they] claim is so true,” Owens said.

Asked by the reporter whether “it is legal” to deny medical care to a U.S. citizen who has chosen not to get the experimental vaccine, even though there are laws that prohibit doctors from refusing care, for example, to illegal immigrants or people attending emergency rooms without insurance, Owens responded, “This is not about health anymore, this is about politics,” further asserting that they don’t care about public health. 

“”These people are sadistic, they are sadists. They like to manipulate you, they like control,” she said, adding, “This is a public health crisis she would say ‘you know what, I hate Candace Owen, but of course she is in my town, I’m going to give her a test and make sure she doesn’t infect anybody else.'”

Carlson pointed out that even though she was demonstrating that she intends to comply with local laws and policies, she was still reprimanded. “You can’t get a COVID test and can’t have a credit card.”

Owens warned that the situation for those who do not align with the administration’s policy ideas are becoming “very dark,” and urged Republican congressmen who still have some power to stand up for their constituents. 

Meanwhile, Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert repudiated the lab’s discriminatory actions toward Owens on Twitter, and blamed the left for denying her a test.

“It’s a shame to see this in Colorado in this day and age. Denying Candace a COVID test because she’s a conservative? The Left just goes lower and lower every single day,” the congresswoman wrote.

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