“What began as a worldwide health crisis has become part of the global crisis for democracy. Governments in every part of the world have abused their powers in the name of public health, seizing the opportunity to undermine democracy and human rights,” charged Freedom House President Michael J. Abramowitz.

Indeed, under the guise of the health crisis, societies worldwide have been subjected to a few people’s authoritarian decisions in government. Even when supposed measures to prevent contagion or flatten the curve have not worked scientifically, governments have prolonged them indefinitely.

Using media campaigns, including social media, these officials installed fear, a primary human reaction, to manipulate public opinion; to generate people’s blind faith in science (vaccines); to alienate them from their loved ones or rather, to dehumanize them by continually asking them to “keep social distance, not visit their loved ones, and avoid social gatherings.” On especially traditional and religious dates such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, they have even threatened people not to gather.

People wearing protective face masks watch the sunset from Griffith Observatory during a partial lockdown during the outbreak of the CCP Virus (COVID-19) in Los Angeles, Calif., on Dec. 7, 2020. (Mario Anzuoni/Reuters)

Collaterally, people began to report on others including not wearing masks, or meeting with family members. In other words, those who did not believe in these measures and defied them had to face the wrath of those who did.

In fact, Democratic leaders like Oregon Gov. Kate Brown openly called on people to denounce others who violated the measures.

All this when the same statistics show that these measures have had no effect in reducing the contagion. For example, in New York City, one of the places hardest hit by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus, more than 30,000 people died amid a strict lockdown.

We now know that it was a decision by the incompetent Gov. Andrew Cuomo who sent the infected elderly to recover in nursing homes that allegedly caused the bulk of deaths in the Big Apple.

Simultaneously, as if it were a plot, mainstream media, along with Silicon Valley’s Facebook and Twitter, colluded with these governments to censor to the maximum extent possible any “dissident” information even if based on scientific facts.

Take for example hydroxychloroquine, one of the treatments that President Trump tried to promote to combat the CCP Virus. CNN, MSNBC, and The New York Times, among others, published several articles to refute its effects, with headlines like “Hydroxychloroquine does not prevent COVID-19,” “Trump promotes bogus cure for COVID-19.”

Those who follow these media are going to dismiss this drug after reading all these reports. Facebook and Twitter did their part by censoring and posts that mentioned hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for the CCP Virus.

But we all know that the treatment does work, it just doesn’t represent big business for Big Pharma, and perhaps this is the main reason for their censorship.  

Overnight, people had to wake up to the news of the pandemic crisis. But there was no information in the news. Only a few government officials gradually started telling people what they could do, what they couldn’t do, who could go out, and for how long, and who could work and who couldn’t.

Of course, having instilled fear in the people and with a death toll that no one sincerely corroborated (when the CDC published its report on it, surprise! Only 6% of people die from the CCP Virus), they appealed to people’s acquiescence—”for their own good” they had to comply with the measures.

The “new normal” in which governments dictate every aspect of people’s lives is not likely to go away after the pandemic, and this is a terrifying scenario.

Fortunately, people like President Trump have long realized this and have unleashed a struggle against this new world order.

President Trump said, “Freedom is a gift from God, not from the government,” and “In America, we don’t worship government, we worship God.”

It is more than clear that the massive electoral fraud by the Democrats to get President Trump out of the White House is because he came to restore traditions that will, in turn, wipe these tyrannical governments off the face of the earth. 

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