The 16-year-old student from a Columbia high school whose videos of making racist comments and threatening to “shoot up the school,” has reportedly faced only one charge.

The accused released after videos making racist comments and pretending to shoot black people were discovered by school officials.

Officials said there were a number of videos and text messages discovered from the student on July 17 proving he was on his way to “shoot up the school.” A text message dated May 11, 2019, also had a video of the student shooting a long gun, according to Richland County Sheriff Department officials.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott said the department came to know about the videos after they were being distributed among students and had worked very closely with the school in an effort to identify the students involved. 

Some videos also appeared to show the student shooting an automatic rifle and a shotgun.

“This is an example of how schools and law enforcement can work together to quickly address threats and perceived threats to schools and students,” Lott said, adding that all the threats should be taken seriously.

The student was arrested on July 17.

However, on Thursday, Deputy Solicitor April Sampson confirmed that the juvenile will not face any charges for the racist rhetoric in the videos, as South Carolina does not have a hate crime law.

The suspect will face one count of threatening a school, Sampson said.

Police announced they will hold a press conference Thursday at 2 p.m. to update the public on this investigation.

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