Following the catastrophic cyber-attack caused by the Darkside criminal hacker group, the Colonial Pipeline, which supplies the East Coast of the United States, resumed its fuel distribution operations.

However, White House officials do not know when normalcy will be restored, and as some gas stations closed, users made panic purchases, reported Breitbart of May 12. 

Although Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm estimated that the pipeline would be restored by the end of the week, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, a Democrat, declined to confirm. 

“I will defer to the company’s announcements on their process. I would emphasize that there is a lot in getting a pipeline up and running again,” Buttigieg told a White House press conference also attended by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Michael Regan.

Officials also failed to announce that they had taken significant steps to address the fuel crisis, which is hurting Americans on the East Coast. 

Americans are forced to wait for hours to fill up their vehicles and pay higher prices. 

Buttigieg only added that he understood consumers’ concerns and made recommendations not to stockpile fuel. 

“Lord have mercy!  It’s the 2020 2Toilet Paper Panic all over again. Folk out here filling plastic trash bags and garbage cans with HIGHLY FLAMMABLE gasoline. Fuego! Fuego! DEEP BREATHS Y’ALL. PLEASE DO NOT PANIC”, tweeted netizen @triciaharris.

The hackers demanded a million-dollar ransom from Colonial Pipeline to repair the damage they had caused to the computer systems, but the company refused to pay it.

For its part, Colonial Pipeline praised the cooperation of its workers, who manually restarted the distribution systems for the valuable fuels.  

The impact of the damage limited gasoline purchases in 17 states, both for cars and airplanes, and just four months after President Joe Biden halted construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, making the country even more fragile in the face of such a situation. 

The administration has been harshly criticized for decisions that harm the country’s stability in several economic areas. It is precisely in the energy field that one of the greatest threats has appeared. 

After adhering to the controversial theories of climate change and linking back to the Paris Agreement, which had already been rejected before by the then president, Donald Trump, at least 105 Republican congressmen rejected that initiative. 

In a letter sent to Biden, the congressmen called for the repeal of those orders, after calling them “ill-conceived and devastating,” Daily Wire reported

The letter signatories argue against one of the measures consisting of “an indefinite moratorium on new oil and natural gas leases on federal lands and waters,” which will destroy one of the federal government’s most significant sources of revenue.

Among other negative consequences, it will also increase the country’s debt and “create an opportunity cost of billions.”

On the other hand, limiting the country’s energy production will strengthen other oil-producing countries and “virtually guarantee that U.S. demand will be met by oil and gas from countries with lower environmental standards,” the Republicans warn in their letter, contradicting the goal of improving the environment. 

However, as these executive orders by Biden are detrimental to Americans, they will likely work against their party, negatively affecting the 2022 election results and expressing itself in the loss of seats.

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