Images published this Thursday, Sept. 16, show once again a critical situation at the southern border of the United States, with more than 8,000 illegal immigrants trying to enter the country, waiting to be registered and processed by border authorities. 

Through the shocking images taken with a Fox News drone, it is estimated that at least 8200 illegal immigrants, mainly from Haiti, are gathering under a bridge in Texas while waiting to turn themselves in to the U.S. Border Patrol to try to enter the country as refugees. 

Images released show thousands of people under the bridge waiting to be apprehended by the Border Patrol. According to official reports, the number doubled in less than 24 hours.

A Fox News correspondent published a video a few hours ago where you can see in more detail the caravan of thousands of people lining up and sheltering from the sun under the international bridge in Del Rio, Texas.

On Wednesday there were about 4,000 migrants under the bridge, but the number ballooned overnight to about 8,200.

The stunning images come a day after it was reported that there were more than 200,000 illegal immigrant encounters at the southern border during the month of August, marking the second consecutive month in which the numbers exceeded that amount

Illegal immigrants are waiting in the area to be turned over to U.S. border agents, who will transport them to Border Patrol facilities for intake and processing.

Following the massive influx of foreigners in the area, U.S. officials have installed drinking water, towels and chemical toilets under the bridge, prompting many to congregate there.

Republicans have blamed the Biden administration for creating the crisis at the border because of the president’s decision to cancel many of former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies aimed precisely at discouraging illegal immigrants. 

One of the biggest critics of these progressive White House measures is Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz, who posted on his Twitter account: “This is Joe Biden’s fault. This is Kamala Harris’s fault. This is…barbaric.”

After several weeks in which the most prominent critics of this situation were focused on denouncing and reporting the chaotic U.S. exit from Afghanistan following the Taliban takeover, these new images brought the focus back to the immigration crisis in the country.
Senator Lindsey Graham was another of those who went back on the attack blaming Biden for his handling of the border in a forceful Twitter message, in which he also recalled the bad decisions made in Afghanistan:
“With all the chaos in the world being created by Biden’s irresponsible foreign policy, it would be easy to overlook the problems at our broken southern border. I have not forgotten about the failing border policies put in place by President Biden.”

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