Authorities have located a sports utility vehicle, belonging to an Ohio mom and her two young children who went missing nearly 20 years ago.

Delhi Township Police Department (DTPD) confirmed it recovered a vehicle from the Ohio River in Aurora, Indiana, on Oct. 15.

It transported Stephanie Van Nguyen, 26, and children Kristina, 4, and John, 3, who were last seen in April 2002. At the time investigators discovered a note from the mother, stating her intention to drive into the Ohio River, according to a DTPD statement.

There were no further leads until DTPD finally revisited the case in 2021. Side scan sonar technology helped DTPD, the Hamilton County Police Association Dive Team and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources discover the wreck. The latest search effort took six months.

The search team found the vehicle more than 50 feet deep and about 300 feet from the riverbank.

Delhi Police Lt. Joe Macaluso suspects it is too early to tell if any human remains were in the vehicle.

“This has been a case we have actively pursued for many years,” he said according to the Associated Press. “We did a cold case on it because of the anniversary. I am happy for the family that we will be able to, hopefully, give some closure.”

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