CNN correspondent Jim Acosta asked a dumb question and got booed from a crowd gathering around former President Donald Trump during his tour of the southern border on Wednesday, June 30.

When Trump was about to finish his speech near a section of the border wall, Acosta interrupted by shouting to him, “Will you apologize about Jan. 6?” referring to the Capitol riot in June that many Democrats have sought to blame Trump for instigating. 

Trump ignored the question, but several people in the crowd, most of them GOP congressional members and staffers, shouted back “No” at Acosta. Then, some began to boo the CNN reporter loudly, The Hill reported, sharing a tweet from Town Hall reporter Julio Rosas.

Following the crowd’s reactions, Trump smirked and gave a thumbs-up. 

Without embarrassment, Acosta boasted about what made him a fool on Twitter.

“At border event with Trump and Abbott I asked Trump if he’s going to apologize for January 6. He did not respond. Crowd of mostly GOP members and staff booed,” Acosta tweeted.

Trump visited the U.S.–Mexico border to evaluate the immigration crisis and urged the Biden-Harris administration to finish the border wall. Still, Acosta pivoted to asking the former president about his view on the Capitol riots rather than asking about the border issues.

Acosta used to spar with Trump and members of his press staff in the past. In 2018, the Trump White House originally revoked Acosta’s press pass following contentious behavior with a White House aide. However, a judge later overturned the ban less than two weeks afterward, according to Fox News.

In a news conference alongside then-British Prime Minister Theresa May in 2018, Trump told Acosta that “CNN is fake news. I don’t take questions from CNN.”

Over the weekend, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) encountered Acosta outside the U.S. Capitol when the CNN reporter sought to interview the lawmaker about the Jan. 6 riots. Brooks embarrassed Acosta by slamming CNN as an untrustworthy news channel that lies through their teeth any chance they get.

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