President Donald Trump hinted at suing CNN, after undercover Project Veritas’s bombshell exposé revealed strong levels of bias amid an “anti-Trump crusade” against the president and secret recordings of the network’s editorial meetings.

Trump tweeted: “Project Veritas-Obtained Undercover Videos Highlight Jeff Zucker’s (@CNN) Campaign To Destroy Trump. Videos Reveal @CNN’s BIAS!”

“Does this sound like a good, or even great, lawsuit?” Trump asked.

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe, has released several extensive documentaries on its website filmed by Cary Poarch that exposed radial bias within CNN’s network, at both Trump and racial bias that reportedly enters into story content decisions, BizPacReview reports.

Poarch, the whistleblower whose identity was unknown until now, said he began to record staff meetings at CNN because he “didn’t see any other option.”

Poarch, a satellite uplink technician and contractor at CNN’s Washington bureau, said he decided to wear a hidden camera “to expose the bias.” He also noted that his “dream job” had turned into a nightmare thanks to the anti-Trump bias that surrounded him, in particular from the network’s president, Jeff Zucker.

Poarch reportedly kept track of “several” of Zucker’s conference calls, in which he claims Zucker holds the daily meeting “with an iron fist” aimed directly at “hammering Trump” or Republicans in general.” Poarch also told O’Keefe that several powerful CNN executives join Zucker on the daily call, including senior vice president of newsgathering Virginia Moseley and political director David Chalian, Fox News reports.

“He was calling Fox News ‘fake news’ and a ‘propaganda machine’ and with what I saw, I’m like … that’s pretty much what CNN was. It’s just pumping out propaganda,” Poarch said.

Poarch noted that soon after he began working at CNN, he became aware of a “strong groupthink that permeated the halls” where he described everyone to be “on board” the anti-Trump train and that other important stories get sidelined by Zucker in favor of more negative Trump coverage.

“I hate everything, how everything is like all Trump all the time now. Everyone at my job, everyone at the network complains about it,” CNN media coordinator Christian Sierra said.

Sierra also acknowledged that CNN tends to go easier on Democrats when it comes to interviews, describing treating them “like softballs” while they are “tougher on Republicans.”

“It was like we were at a funeral—people were like, in shock. I wouldn’t say they were in mourning, I would say people were in shock,” floor manager Mike Brevna described the atmosphere of the day on which Trump won the 2016 election.

Nick Neville, another media coordinator, was extremely displeased with Zucker’s bias toward Trump, said that Zucker has a “personal vendetta” against Trump.

“What’s difficult is like we have some conflicting things at play here. Like, there’s a lot of people who are out here trying to like just to what they think is best of journalistic integrity and then you get on the 9am call and big boss Jeff Zucker [expletive] tells you what to do,” Neville was filmed saying. “You have to follow his verdict.”

CNN has yet to respond to the Project Veritas exposé or Trump’s tweet about a possible lawsuit.