CNN’s star news anchor Chris Cuomo was suspended indefinitely on Tuesday, Nov. 30, for using his position to help his brother, the former governor of New York during the sex abuse scandal in which he was involved, and which led to his resignation.

According to The Hill, the New York attorney general’s office released new documents this Monday, Nov. 29, detailing the news anchor’s involvement in defending his brother when he was accused by dozens of women of sexual harassment.

In reviewing the documents, the news network—which was aware that Chris Cuomo had helped his brother when the scandal became public—noted that the journalist lied.

“The documents, which we were not privy to before their public release, raise serious questions. When Chris admitted to us that he had offered advice to his brother’s staff, he broke our rules and we acknowledged that publicly. But we also appreciated the unique position he was in and understood his need to put family first and job second,” CNN said in a statement.

“However, these documents point to a greater level of involvement in his brother’s efforts than we previously knew. As a result, we have suspended Chris indefinitely, pending further evaluation.”

After the sexual harassment allegations against Andrew Cuomo became public, Attorney General Leticia James, conducted an investigation and on Aug. 3 concluded that the Democrat was guilty as charged.

Due to pressure, Cuomo resigned days after the prosecution released its verdict.

The news anchor admitted to his live audience that he had tried to help his brother but after realizing it was wrong, he stopped.

“I never influenced or attempted to control CNN’s coverage of my family,” he said at the time. “And as you know, back in May when I was told to no longer communicate with my brother’s aides in any group meetings, I acknowledged it was a mistake, I apologized to my colleagues, I stopped, and I meant it.”

However, new documents released by the attorney general’s office consisting of transcripts of text messages prove that Chris Cuomo did not tell the truth and that he was actively trying to cover up the allegations by working in conjunction with the former governor’s team of aides, including seeking information about the women who reported his brother.

Among the new information the documents yielded are two conversations Chris Cuomo had with Melissa DeRosa, one of the former governor’s top aides at the time, in which the news anchor admits he has a ‘lead’ on the ‘wedding girl’ who was one of the women who was going to come forward and denounce his brother.

In the other conversation, Chris Cuomo admits to DeRosa that he was finding out from his media contacts about other women who would come out and denounce the former governor.

When news broke that Chris Cuomo was involved in efforts to cover up for his brother, Jeff Zucker, the CNN president decided not to take any action against the anchor saying that Chris “is human and these are very particular circumstances.”

Zucker’s leadership has been under intense scrutiny when in April, Project Veritas released a series of videos in which a CNN technical director, Charlie Chester, was recorded admitting that the news network used the Covid-19 scare to generate ratings, in addition to having used its power to ‘get Trump’ out of the White House.

In the videos, Chester claims that Jeff Zucker himself is the one behind these decisions.

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