Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said on Sunday, Oct. 17, that the current supply chain disruptions in the U.S. will not end soon, but will continue into 2022. He affirmed that part of what is happening is due to an incredibly high demand, which resulted from successful economic management from President Joe Biden.

During an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” host Jake Tapper pointed out that “the major supply chain clog the U.S. right now is causing everything, from higher prices to longer waits for products.”

“Do Americans need to prepare ourselves for this to get worse before it gets better?” Tapper asked.

Buttigieg firstly acknowledged that, “a lot of the challenges that we have been experiencing this year will continue into next year.”

He then claimed that the supply chain disruptions happened in part because Biden has successfully guided the U.S. economy through a terrifying recession, leading to higher domestic demand. He seems to ignore skyrocketing inflation and millions quitting their jobs.

“Look, part of what’s happening isn’t just the supply side. It’s the demand side. Demand is off the charts. Retail sales are through the roof,” Buttigieg explained.

“And if you think about those images of ships, for example, waiting at anchor on the West Coast, you know, every one of those ships is full of record amounts of goods that Americans are buying, because demand is up, because income is up, because the president has successfully guided this economy out of the teeth of a terrifying recession,” Buttigieg added.

“Now the issue is, even though our ports are handling more than they ever have, record amounts of goods coming through, our supply chains can’t keep up. And, of course, our supply chains, that’s a complicated system that is mostly in private hands, and rightly so,” he said.

The secretary claimed that, “Our role is to be an honest broker, bring together all of the different players there, secure commitments, and get solutions that are going to make it easier.”

When Tapper asked about the solutions as many American companies are struggling to cope with these supply chain disruptions, Buttigieg said that President Biden had instructed the ports of L.A. and Long Beach, which account for 40% of the country’s container traffic, to operate on a 24/7 basis to start with.

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