The Chinese Communist regime took advantage of a delay in Vice President Kamala Harris’ flight to Vietnam to arrange a meeting with officials. Chinese representatives doubled the U.S. offer of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus vaccines before Harris could make her “big announcement.” 

Harris was en route to Vietnam on Wednesday, August 25, intending to offer a CCP virus rescue package, which included the donation of an additional 1 million doses of Pfizer vaccine. But her plane was unexpectedly delayed by a mysterious case of the so-called “Havana syndrome,” which prevented her arrival as planned.

Chinese regime officials were quick to take advantage of this situation to arrange a meeting with Vietnam’s prime minister, in which they doubled the vaccine offer by promising 2 million doses, knowing that Vice President Harris would announce a considerably smaller donation hours later, the Washington Post reported, citing Chinese state media.

The incident laid bare the Biden administration’s challenges in its mission to deepen partnerships in Southeast Asia. The countries in the region are heavily influenced by and committed to the communist regime, which by its closeness has managed to deeply penetrate and generate strong dependencies on the most impoverished countries. 

Vietnam in particular, has historically functioned as a satellite country of Chinese communism, and China is currently its main trading partner. It is important to understand this context in recognizing the opportunistic behavior of the Chinese communist regime as the Biden administration attempts to deepen its relations with Vietnam.

“Beijing likes to remind Hanoi who of the two giants is closer to it,” said Huong Le Thu, a Australian Strategic Policy Institute senior analyst.

Undoubtedly, the regime’s offer achieved the desired effect of undermining Harris’ long-awaited announcement, which was reduced and belittled when the news broke.

Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh thanked the Chinese envoy for the offer and said Vietnam “does not ally with one country to fight another,” the Washington newspaper said, again quoting state media.

For its part, the Chinese communist regime regarding Kamala Harris’ tour of Asia issued derisive comments based on the recent US hasty exit from Afghanistan.  

The Global Times, acting as a mouthpiece of the CCP, promoted the discrediting of the U.S. as a result of what happened in Afghanistan, which supposedly demonstrates its inability to support small Asian countries in the face of their growing expansionism.

Harris, in her visit to Singapore, emphasized a focus on “peace and stability, freedom of the seas, unfettered trade, advancing human rights, commitment to the rules-based international order, and recognition that our common interests are not zero-sum,” according to South China Morning Post

Harris’ flight to Vietnam was delayed Tuesday afternoon after the vice president’s office learned of an investigation into two possible cases of the rare Havana Syndrome in Hanoi, officials said.

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