A suspected Chinese defector of a high-ranking position was reported to be speaking at a seminar in mainland China on June 18 by the South China Morning Post. This is believed to be the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) move to dismiss the rumor. 

Last week, it was reported that the Chinese vice-minister of State Security, Dong Jingwei has fled his country in mid-February with his daughter and had agreed to provide the U.S.’ Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) with critical information, including documents of the alleged bio-weapon, known as the COVID-19 virus, the compromised CIA, and further details on Hunter Biden’s pornography problems. 

Even though the news so far is only speculation, if it is confirmed true, the CCP will be under pressure, especially for its alleged deeds with the virus that has caused world disaster, the CCP Virus, or coronavirus. 

Yet, according to the Chinese report, its vice-minister of state security was present inside China, and delivered a stern speech on tackling “foreign agents and insiders who collude with “anti-China” forces.”

“At present, infiltration and spying activities by foreign intelligence agencies and hostile forces have increased significantly,” said Jingwei, according to the report. “In particular, there are individuals who have willingly become ‘insiders’ colluding with foreign intelligence agencies and hostile forces and engaging in anti-China activities.”

It seems this report would dismiss the data anticipated to be disclosed from the purported high-ranking Chinese defector since ‘apparently’ he was still a citizen of China. 

However, the Chinese outlet has failed to provide the specific destination and any media such as pictures to testify that it was indisputably an event on the said date. 

“A report on the event posted on Changanjian, the social media account operated by China’s top law enforcement agency, the Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission, did not specify where the seminar was held,” said the Chinese news media.

Likewise, the speculated links between Jingwei and the unknown Chinese defector were somewhat rational. 

For example, as Redstate deduced, it could have been because Jingwei offered the DIA detailed information about the source of SARS-CoV-2, including the Chinese military’s operation of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, that prompted president Joe Biden’s u-turn in the lab-leak theory this May. 

Additionally, journalist Jennifer Zeng agreed with the rumor since she found out that Jingwei’s name has been deleted from the Chinese search engine Baidu, which she said only happens if “there must be something wrong with this guy.”

Advocates of COVID-19 used as a Chinese bioweapon have criticized that the CCP was conducting world genocide driven by its greed for power.

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