Infamous editor-in-chief for Global Times, the mouthpiece for the Chinese Communist Party, is using his language weapon again, this time to lambast Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas. 

Hu Xijin of Global Times took direct aim at the Republican Senator for pushing a boycott of the 2022 Beijing Olympic, a sports event more commonly referred to as the “Genocide Games” among human rights activists.

“In my view, this senator is a political rubbish,” Jijing wrote on social media. “He lies, is bellicose, lacks the least self-awareness. Hope in the US Congress, there isn’t only stink of rubbish like him.”

Xijin attached Cotton’s speech to his post, in which the Senator raised concerns of safety for U.S. athletes and human rights abuses in China and demanded a full boycott of the sports games.

“For these reasons—the safety and security of our own athletes and China’s crimes against the world, we should launch a complete and total boycott of China’s genocide Olympics,” Cotton said, noting that the games should have been moved to another host country instead of China.

Cotton in a statement explained that the Chinese government may be tempted to secretly collect DNA samples of Olympians to “to catapult Chinese biotechnology companies to global market dominance.” 

“The CCP also considers DNA collection a vital intelligence-gathering objective,” his statement reads. “As the U.S. National Counterintelligence and Security Center recently noted, ‘The PRC views bulk personal data, including health-care and genomic data, as a strategic commodity to be collected and used for its economic and national-security priorities.’” 

He also noted the potential that the Communist government would again execute the exit bans on foreign nationals, including Americans, to pressure international governments for their political or economic gains.

“In 2018, for instance, the CCP took an American family hostage and seized two Canadians. In 2020, Beijing threatened to take further hostages unless the U.S. government halted its prosecutions of Chinese spies on American college campuses,” Cotton took examples of the malevolent tactics. 

Canada, which also is considering a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics, also back in August expressed concerns of similar threats to their athletes. 

“We are approaching a point where it won’t be safe for Canadians, including Olympic athletes, to travel to China,” said Erin O’Toole, leader of Canada’s Conservative opposition party, according to The Guardian

Human rights groups, meanwhile, derided the “Genocide Games” a signal for the CCP to be undisturbed with its barbaric practices against humans.

“Enabling China to host the Olympics and to use it as a promotional event without addressing its human rights crises sends a signal to China that the international community will not hold it accountable,” said Koen Stoop, the E.U. policy director for the World Uyghur Congress. “This will only encourage the Chinese regime to continue its crimes against Uyghurs and others.”

Human rights abuses by the Chinese government are committed against not only the Uighurs but also other minority and religious groups such as Tibetan monks, and Falun Gong practitioners. The severe treatment of humans also echoed when Beijing began cracking down on Hong Kong protesters.

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