The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), almost a year after the first cases of the CCP Virus were reported, continues to closely monitor any studies that seek to discover where and when the outbreak began. At the same time, it promotes conspiracy theories about an alleged origin outside of China. 

The CCP is taking strong measures against any investigation that seeks to reveal the origin of the Wuhan virus. According to a recently published report by Fox News, the government is distributing grants to military-affiliated scientists investigating the origins of the virus in southern China. 

All research findings must be disclosed to CCP authorities, who appoint a select working group to investigate and approve or disapprove the data released. It is known that the entire research system in China responds to direct orders from the dictator Xi Jinping.

Cooperation with international scientists by the CCP has been practically null, so all the information known about the origin of the virus is revealed by the CCP, which only transmits the story it is interested in spreading.

The investigation referred to by Fox News has revealed “a consistent pattern of government secrecy and top-down control that has delayed warnings about the pandemic, blocked information exchange with the World Health Organization, and hampered early testing. Scientists familiar with China’s public health system say the same practices apply to any research involving sensitive information. 

The world can only conclude that under the CCP, important information cannot be disclosed without prior authorization from the CCP. The virus that caused unprecedented chaos worldwide is no exception. 

“They only select people they can trust, those they can control,” said a public health expert working with China’s health centers. “Military teams and others are working hard on this, but whether or not it gets out depends on the outcome,” he continued.

President Trump was one of the figures worldwide who took it upon himself to hold the CCP accountable and denounce it for withholding information and lying to the international community about the events leading up to what is now a pandemic. 

Trump addressed world leaders at the first UN General Assembly and did not hesitate to hold the CCP accountable for letting the virus spread around the world, calling on the United Nations to hold Beijing responsible for the pandemic.

In addition to the concealment of the CCP Virus for more than two months by China in its early days, there was also talk of collaboration from the World Health Organization (WHO), which led to the consideration of a possible plot to provoke global genocide.

Such is the case of researcher and journalist Shrenik Rao, who, based on the chronology of the virus’s spread and the CCP and WHO’s behavior, considers criminal.

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