When the United States and China announced their intention of world dominance with a 6G internet service earlier in February, reminders of China’s untrustworthiness in the 5G network resurfaced. Footage shared last year indicates a connection between the 5G network developed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) with COVID-19 or CCP Virus pandemic. 

The video was stored on Brighteon.com. It depicted a 5G tower installer who noticed the “COV-19” stamp on the hard drive that was going to be installed into the tower.

“I don’t know the best way to do this, but I’ve been working, connecting 5G masts on towers like the one behind me for the past few weeks while everybody else has been in lockdown,” the 5G installer said at the beginning of the video.

“But, the best, perhaps, the best thing is for me to show you,” and the employee showed the hard drive with a chip on it which had the tag “COV-19” on it. That tag name somewhat closely resembles the commonly recognized name of the pandemic that has been troubling the world. 

The footage was a solid argument to back allegations that China’s 5G networking service could emit radiations that negatively undermine the health of citizens living around the internet tower.

COV-19 stamp on 5G hardware, 2020. (Cat V/Csreenshot via TheBL/Brighteon.com-Video)

Since 2018, warnings about the negative impact of the China-sourced network technology have circulated. Such warnings, although supported by many scientific shreds of evidence, are still dubbed as conspiracy theories. The most common alert by far alludes to the severity of COVID-19 infections parallel to the availability of 5G antennas in the area, said a report published on Feb. 4. 

Despite evidence and scientific reports from professionals, Americans continuously hear arguments blasting the warnings, calling them baseless conspiracy theories. 

Furthermore, such related information has been listed in the algorithms of Big Tech censorship since 2020, The Independence reported. Concerns over the health impact of 5G towers on residents is labeled as “harmful” content. 

Twitter dwelled on the arson attacks on the network facilities that occurred in some parts of America to announce the removal of more than 2,230 tweets, which the outlet stated included some content that was not false information. The burning of 5G towers by unknown persons appears closely related to fears of the technology’s unwelcome impact.  

Worries over the threats of the new network technology did not end there. Countries around the world have already paid attention to its ability to compromise national security. Some countries have declined the offer to implement Huawei and ZTE technology in their 5G network installations.

New Zealand, for example, after pressure from Five Eyes allies (Australia, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom) and British MPs, finally resolved to exclude Huawei equipment from 5G networks by 2027.

Fortunately, when Donald Trump was still the U.S. commander-in-chief, he pushed forward the development of the 5G internet independently from China’s influence. This year, both the United States and China have just announced a new race for 6G dominance. According to Bloomberg, experts believe the United States has more potential due to China’s 5G scandals.

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