Tests conducted by an environmental nonprofit organization found high levels of a cancer-causing chemical in a children’s makeup kit.

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), the carcinogen asbestos was found in the IQ Toys Princess Girl’s All-in-One Deluxe Makeup Palette. In particular, each gram of the eye shadow tested in the palette contained over 4 million asbestos fiber structures.

Meanwhile, “there is no “safe” level of asbestos exposure, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration reported.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), microscopic asbestos fibers can be inhaled and cause lung cancer.

However, symptoms may not become evident for decades after the exposure. The EWG also reported that if children are exposed to asbestos when they’re young, there is even more time for the asbestos-related illness to develop later in life.

The toy makeup palette was sold on IQ Toys’ website, Amazon, and eBay.

“Amazon, eBay, and any other retailer marketing this and similar makeup kit ‘toys’ from IQ Toys should take heed of these test results and immediately pull these products from their websites,” EWG’s Vice President for Healthy Living Science Nneka Leiba said in a press release. “Taking steps to safeguard children from exposure to one of the deadliest carcinogens in the world should always come before profits.”

Asbestos was once common in thousands of products and can still be found in many homes and businesses, the CDC revealed.