After their 71-year-old adoptive mother died at home, two brothers aged 5 and 7 in Talty, Kaufman County, Texas, were left to care for themselves for days.

As the two boys had been absent from school all week and their parent could not be contacted, a worried teacher at the Forney Independent School District (ISD) notified the police for a welfare check.

“They knew something was not right. They are used to communicating with this parent. And so when they didn’t get a response, they knew something was off,” said Forney ISD Spokesperson Kristen Zastoupil according to the Newsner.

One of the children opened the front door to the police when they arrived, and they found the boys’ adoptive mother on the floor.

Connie Taylor had been the brothers’ full-time foster mother. However, she had passed out and not woken up, according to the boys. In addition, her phone was locked so that they couldn’t call for assistance.

Unfortunately, the mother had passed away. As the boys did not know their neighbors, they had been fending for themselves inside the house for days.

Taylor died naturally, according to police, and there was no indication of a crime.

Taylor was known as a loving mother, said her long-time friend and neighbor. She added that the adoptive mother sent her a message a month earlier that the boys’ adoption was finalized.

According to the chief, Taylor’s adult biological children are now caring for the two brothers, who are doing well, despite everything they have been through.

Teachers at the boys’ school were praised by Talty police as the incident could have been even worse without their help.

Connections between parents and teachers, according to Forney ISD officials, are crucial. Despite the unfortunate nature of this story, the ties formed led to the boys’ rescue from their predicament.

“They are always heroes in our eyes, but even more so … to have to share with them the outcome Friday was very heartbreaking and it was a really tough weekend,” Zastoupil stated according to the Fox4news. “They are thinking about their students, and that’s the first thought.”

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