A school board in the Democratic state of Oregon has updated its policies by adding a mandatory requirement that all classrooms in the district display at least one Black Lives Matter flag and one gay pride flag alongside the American flag. In this way, the leftist ideology in education takes another step forward in its indoctrination policies.

According to a new and controversial rule established for the Gresham-Barlow School District in Gresham, Oregon, it is a requirement that a flag or a poster of the BLM and LGBTQ ideology be displayed in the same size and visibility as the American flag.

“The district shall obtain and display an American flag, a Progressive Pride flag or poster, and a Black Lives Matter flag or poster of an appropriate size for each classroom,” the new regulation reads.

To reflect the “progressive” values of the Gresham-Barlow School Board members, it voted to update the district’s “Display of Flags and Salutes” policy. 

Despite objections from teachers, administrators, and students, every classroom will be required to comply with the new regulation.

One of the more progressive school board members, Robyn Stowers, insisted that the board require all three flags to be the same size and displayed with equal prominence.

According to The Daily Wire, Stowers stated that local native people could include their tribal organization flag in each classroom.

“Upon request from a sovereign tribal government, a flag representing the sovereign tribal government must be displayed on, near, or within a school building during school hours,” the policy states.

As it transpired, when Kris Howatt, another board member, raised the issue of whether it was worth forcing all teachers to fly the controversial flags, she was immediately accused by one of her colleagues of being a white supremacist. 

The school board received a report from the Oregon General School Board Association (OSBA) indicating that there may be resistance and upset parents if the board succeeds in forcing teachers to fly the flags in every classroom.

The indoctrination of children has been one of the big goals of the left, and the progress in recent years has been significant indeed. Gender ideology has penetrated so that it permeates all aspects of the educational community, especially in public institutions. 

The same happens with the ideological imposition of racism and the anti-American discourse based on the fact that the oppression of whites over blacks forms the foundations of the United States and that this oppression is still in force. 

The only thing achieved with these discourses is the widespread hatred of America’s roots and consequently the easy acceptance of any narrative based on leftist globalist ideas.

However, there is a conservative resistance that does not make things easy for those who promote liberal ideas. In an interview with Fox News, renowned professor Carol Swain said that groups of parents across the United States are organizing to combat the “indoctrination of children” based on leftist ideologies.

“I encourage whistleblowers to step forward with their information because what is happening is very dangerous. It is creating a hostile environment for students as well as teachers and administrators and I know from my own experience that if you are in an environment that feels hostile, you can never get the best out of yourself.” 

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