A child waiting for a bus was killed when a driver suffered an apparent seizure and his car crashed into scaffolding on Tuesday afternoon, police said.

The accident occurred around 3:00 p.m on Sept. 10 in front of a bus stop outside a seven-story residential building in the 16-hundred block of Ocean Avenue in Midwood.

A child died after a Lexus SUV veered onto the sidewalk, struck him and then crashed into scaffolding. (Citizen)

The 50-year-old driver of a Lexus SUV was traveling northbound on Ocean Avenue when he suffered some kind of attack and lost control and then he veered onto the sidewalk and hit the child, who was waiting at a bus stop, police said.

The vehicle then continued to roll forward until it slammed into some nearby scaffolding.

The 10-year-old boy suffered severe trauma to the neck and back after the collision, an NYPD official said. The driver and his 8-year-old daughter were taken to Kings County Hospital, but were not seriously hurt.

There have been no arrests made, and the investigation by the Police Department’s Collision Investigation Squad is ongoing.

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