Controversial Democratic Mayor of Chicago Lori Lightfoot, is embroiled in a scandal for diverting $281 million, from aid to counter the damage caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus, to fund the police.

“That’s the last thing people wanted, to infuse hundreds of millions more dollars into the Police Department right now,” denounced Alderman Daniel La Spata, according to the Chicago Tribune of Feb. 18.

Just in the middle of last year violent riots erupted with Democrats and Marxist groups Black Lives Matter and antifa calling for the defunding of the police, following the death of George Floyd while in police custody.

Although Chicago Budget Director Susie Park reported that federal relief funds had not been spent on police, according to the ChicagoTribune, the Office of Management and Budget gave another version. 

The budget office said police expenses that had accrued between March and May were reimbursed with federal CCP Virus (coronavirus) relief money.

The activities the police were engaged in were welfare checks of residents, security at health posts where virus tests are conducted, and security at airports for screening travelers.

The increase in crime that the country experienced convinced citizens that it was no small decision to choose to withhold funds from police departments.

In fact, the internet group, shared that in Minneapolis, authorities increased the police budget by $6.4 million a few months after the disastrous riots.

“NEW – #Minneapolis City Council voted to increase funding for local law enforcement agencies by $6.4 million just months after promising to “dismantle the department” in the aftermath of the #GeorgeFloyd protests,” the group wrote. the group wrote.

Thus completely contradicting the news released June 20 about the de-funding and dismantling of police in Minneapolis. 

“Nine members of Minneapolis’ city council — a veto-proof majority — say they’ll start the process of defunding and dismantling the police department., CNN wrote.”

Some observers noted that the unrest and movement to defund the police began months before last year’s presidential election, and coincidentally ended after the vote. 

“All “problems” solved when they removed Trump, coincidence ? Do you believe in conspiracies? See you again in 4years,” warned user @nmeofdst8vM660.