A jury found a Chicago man who was caught on camera harassing a woman wearing a Puerto Rican flag shirt guilty of a hate crime.

Timothy Trybus, 63, was charged with two counts of felony hate crime for the June 2018 incident at a Cook County forest preserve.

Mia Irizarry said that she started recording Trybus on her cellphone after he began harassing her about her shirt bearing the Puerto Rican flag.

“You should not be wearing that shirt in the United States of America. … Are you a citizen? Are you a United States citizen?” Trybus asked in the video.

Irizarry told Trybus that Puerto Rico is part of the United States as he approaches her multiple times.

As Trybus continued to harass her, other officers arrived and arrested the man.

Trybus faces up to 5 years in prison, but probation is also an option, the Chicago Tribune reported.

He will return to court on Oct. 21. His bond was revoked and he was taken into jail.


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