The daughter of former President Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, was booed multiple times when she attacked President Donald Trump over a tweet in which the president referred to the Ukraine scandal as the “greatest scam in the history of American politics!”

“Yes, you are,” Chelsea replied to the president’s tweet on Sept. 26, and the most moderate internet users immediately reminded her of the traditional saying, “Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.” 

The users took the opportunity to remind Chelsea of the many scandals caused by their parents.

There were also those who remembered her that the money from a charity was used for her wedding and another user sent a photo from the same wedding where Ghislaine Maxwell, who is closely linked to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, appears.

Users also recalled former President Bill Clinton’s scandal over having sex with a 22-year-old White House intern.

It was confirmed that Clinton himself traveled at least 27 times to the mysterious Island of Jeffrey Epstein, located in the Caribbean, where presumably acts of pedophilia were committed.

They also mentioned the case of the Arab Spring, in which foreign policy failed while her mother Hillary Clinton was secretary of state and the deaths of the four Americans left in Benghazi, Libya.

Someone also mentioned the dark episode in which Russia was helped in the purchase of a Canadian uranium mining company, while Hillary secretary of state.

One internet user also alluded to the number of scandalous situations generated by the Clintons as enough to “fill a stadium.”

The list goes on with the case of the thousands of deleted emails from the former secretary of state, President Putin’s statements about the contribution of $400 million for her campaign, and others.

In fact, Hillary Clinton is also currently involved in other scandals such as the pressure to prevent Harvey Weinstein from being investigated as a sex offender in Hollywood, and the so-called Steele dossier, used to investigate President Trump without any evidence being found against him.

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