A Minnesotan man might escape jail time for allegedly driving a truck through a BLM anti-police protest.

Hennepin County has offered to drop multiple charges against Bogdan Vechirko if he behaves as a model citizen.

County Attorney Mike Freeman initially accused the Otsego resident of felony threats of violence and gross misdemeanor criminal vehicular operation. His so-called crime was refusing to wait for a Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest to end before continuing to transport fuel along the Interstate 35 West’s Mississippi River Bridge in May 2020.

The county recently issued a “continuance without prosecution” agreement in light of media reports that BLM supporters repeatedly vandalized the heavy vehicle, and seriously assaulted and robbed Verchirko. The June 18 deal requires that the 36-year-old be on his best behavior for the next 12 months and, in exchange, all charges will be dropped.

None of the protesters were ever charged for the alleged attacks, and the truck driver still has not recovered his missing wallet at the time of publication.

Eyewitness Charles Meyer revealed BLM was not as peaceful as mainstream media initially reported. Protesters tried to stop the truck by throwing bikes at the front tires, “started beating” down the vehicle’s windows, and even considered throwing Vechirko over the bridge.

“I jumped in to stop that. The police will take care of it,” Meyer said according to Minnesota Public Radio.

BL understands the activists were trying to mourn the 2020 death-in-custody of George Floyd through acts of civil disobedience along national highways and bridges.

Democratic Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz still refuses to acknowledge the protesters allegedly stole Vechirko’s wallet.

“The motives of the driver are unknown at this time,” he told the broadcaster.

Defense attorney Kevin DeVore welcomed the agreement as the “right” solution for his client and the broader community.

“We were prepared to to dig in and fight it,” he said according to Yahoo News. “I think it was a combination of looking at the evidence and also what is right for him and what is right for the community.”

However, Vechirko still has to pay restitution to BLM activists and join three sentencing circles. DeVore confirmed his client has already attended two sentencing rounds and is on-track to attend a third, according to the Pioneer Press.

Vechirko maintains he was in a “hurry” and thought protesters would yield, if he drove slowly.