As part of a massive purge aimed directly at voters of former President Donald Trump on social networks and conservatives in general, Facebook and Instagram carried out a “cleansing” of more than 100,000 users and groups related to the QAnon movement, understanding that among them is concentrated an important mass of voters of the former president.

As reported by a Facebook representative to Fox News, between August 2020 and Jan. 12, 2021 alone, Facebook has deleted more than 78,000 profiles on both Facebook and Instagram and nearly 37,000 groups for violating its policies against posting QAnon-related content.

Q or QAnon is the visible head of a project designed to report U.S. intelligence secrets anonymously and alert the population of the critical moment that the entire civilization is going through. 

Since Oct. 28, 2017, Q has unveiled numerous amounts of information generally expressed in a cryptic and coded form that points to the existence of a conspiracy by a “perverse elite” that aims to destroy the United States through a globalist plan that will enslave the world’s population.

The movement generated behind the informant is completely peaceful, aims simply to inform the population and never mentions the possibility of using force or violence to achieve any objective. 

The policies referred to by the Facebook representative refers to the tasks of identification and subsequent elimination of users and militarized and armed groups that organize from the social network violent actions that are put into practice in real life. 

The unfounded accusations made by Facebook is that the QAnon movement is part of these “militarized” groups and it has also linked Trump supporters to this group. It is all part of the same strategy to baselessly discredit the sectors that oppose their leftist and globalist policies.

The company extended restrictions against content linked to QAnon theories and militarized social movements in October 2020.

“We’ve been vigilant in implementing our policy and studying its impact on the platform, but we’ve seen several issues that led to today’s update,” Facebook said at the time.

The purge carried out by Facebook as part of its policy of cultural and ideological advancement was also reflected on Twitter that on Monday, Jan.11, reported that it had deleted more than 70,000 accounts sharing “QAnon-associated content” following the U.S. Capitol protest, using the same smear strategy that attempts to link QAnon, violence, former President Trump and now the conflicts on Capitol Hill as all part of the same thing. 

Twitter’s attack on QAnon’s content came after the platform deleted then-President Trump’s accounts permanently. It also suspended the accounts of attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, along with former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and Ron Watkins, an American businessman and a former site administrator of the imageboard website 8chan. 

In parallel since Jan. 6, Facebook has suspended former President Trump’s user and began removing all content mentioning the Stop the Steal slogan. 

Other major technology companies such as Google, Apple, and Amazon effectively blocked Parler, a free speech platform alternative to Twitter, where much of the conservative audience is concentrated.