With the streets and staging areas of our nation’s capital overflowing with upbeat patriots celebrating the traditional acknowledgement of the day the United States declared independence from Britain in 1776 and implicitly our ‘against all odds’ military victory over that most powerful nation of the time, some have decided to utilize their First Amendment rights to instead assemble as a grumbling political force to complain about President Trump’s Salute to America and express their self-righteous naiveté of what force actually keeps Americans free or how tanks in the street is not their idea of a national holiday.

Protester Britton Schams said, “I don’t think the Fourth of July should be politicized like it has been this year because it’s a national holiday, and it’s just celebrating American Independence, not one political party over the other. So, it just shouldn’t, and there shouldn’t be tanks in the capital for this ’cause that’s just not normal.”

Protester Lucas Masiello said, “I’m sitting here with some friends protesting what we think is a pretty autocratic way of celebrating Independence Day. You know, you see this whole military parade thing, and it kind of reminds you of North Korea, or Nazi, Germany, and we just don’t think it’s right.”


However, as a free nation we are generally allowed to disagree and express our dissenting opinions as long we peacefully tolerate everyone else following the rules. Attending the festivities with her father, Indiana resident and avid President Trump supporter Tonya James shared her disappointment with all the hate and animosity that she believes is contrary to the way the average American feels and perpetrated by the legacy media and others wanting to exploit the situation for their own purposes.

Tonya James said, “I truly believe that this president and those that back him are saving this country. I do believe that we are on a downward spiral, and I don’t like the way things have been going. There seems to be a lot of hate and animosity, and I don’t believe that’s from the president. I think that the media, or others, or whoever are exploiting it for their own purposes. I don’t believe that average Americans feel that way, at all. So, I’d like to see us all come back together.”

James’s father and declared independent voter, Patrick James expressed his opinion about the complete failure by the Democrats in Congress, but great satisfaction with the celebration and the focus on military appreciation regardless of who’s responsible for the Salute to America.

Patrick James said, “It’s a great thing to bring our country together, and we, everybody has fought for this country. They love this country. I don’t care whether a Democrat. Like I said, I’m an Independent. I believe in voting for the person on the job. But I have seen complete failure in the Democrats, I’m sorry. But, yes, I think this is a great event. I don’t care whether Trump is doing it, the Democrats are doing it, it’s a great honor for us people to get together, and celebrate our country.”

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