A new report reveals that the $1.9 trillion relief package pushed by President Joe Biden hides in the total a significant percentage of funds that are not earmarked for policies related to the CCP virus but for actions tied to fulfilling the Democrats’ progressive agenda.

The detailed report presented by the non-partisan House Fiscal Responsibility Committee criticizes several points of the package, especially $312 billion in spending associated with measures that have nothing to do with the fundamental objective of the package, which is to protect the economy and the American citizens in the face of the economic and health crisis suffered during the CCP virus pandemic.

Among the general criticisms stated in the report are that the massive amount of money is far greater than the economy’s needs, and much of its spending is misdirected. It includes several measures unrelated to the COVID pandemic and the economic crisis, and it would abruptly cut off aid to unemployed workers at the end of August.

The think tank noted the bill contains “at least $312 billion of policies that have little to do with the current crisis.”

Unrelated provisions include a plan to help retirees, extensions of the Child Tax Credit (CTC), the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), and the child care tax credit. It also includes an increase in the minimum wage to $15 an hour; and expansions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

The nonprofit added that since these policies even though worthwhile has nothing to do with the pandemic, they` “should be subject to normal pay-as-you-go [PAYGO] rules. Meaning each policy should either be fully offset with new revenue or spending reductions to cover its cost.”

The Committee also noted that Congress could save billions of dollars by reducing other policies included in the bill, such as state and local government aid from $350 billion to $100 billion and support for public schools from $100 billion to $70 billion.

In the same vein, Florida Republican Rep. Byron Donalds was blunt in his criticism of the $1.9 trillion aid program on Fox News’ America Reports earlier this month. He asserted that the proposed legislation would increase the federal budget deficit, creating “devastating impacts” on national security, the economy, and the middle class.

Donalds argues that $1 trillion allocated in the 2020 relief package is still available to be spent, so it would be wasteful to enable $1.9 trillion more, which could end up being used for unrelated matters.

“By opting for this $2 trillion package, what we’re going to see is larger deficits, more debt for our nation, putting national security interests at stake,” Donalds asserted.

In line with the criticisms detailed recently, in late January, a bipartisan group of senators made strong charges against the Biden administration’s proposal for a stimulus plan aimed at addressing the pandemic, suggesting the White House is providing too much money “to high-income Americans.”

The bipartisan group of senators, led by Democrat Joe Manchin, criticized the excessive amount and misallocation of that money. Federal spending on such a scale may be wasted if the funds do not reach the hands that genuinely need them.

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