Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, an American religious organization dedicated to defending the rights of Catholics to participate in public life without being defamed or discriminated against, published an opinion piece criticizing the policies of the left that always end up hurting the poor, whom they claim to defend, the most.

It is one of history’s greatest ironies: No segment of society punishes the poor more than those who champion their cause,” Donohue said. ” The latest Marxist to do so, in a democratic country no less, is New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.”

On Dec. 19, at a press conference, de Blasio said, “I’d like to say very bluntly our mission is to redistribute wealth,” he said. “A lot of people bristle at that phrase. That is, in fact, the phrase we need to use.”

According to de Blasio, the way to achieve his goal of “redistributing wealth” is to raise taxes on the rich. But Donohue disagrees.

“The man is clueless. Owing to absurdly high taxes, the rich are leaving New York in droves; taxing them at an even higher rate will only encourage more to leave,” Donohue said. ” They are taking their tax contributions and their jobs with them.”

Certainly New York City, under the leadership of de Blasio, has seen its worst days. High taxes, closed schools, bars, and restaurants under the guise of the CCP Virus, a billion-dollar cut to the police department, which triggered crime right in poor neighborhoods, his support for the Marxist Black Lives Matters movement but his censorship of conservative groups.

The mayor, like many Democrats, has tried to blame “systemic racism” in the United States for poverty and inequality.

“Structural racism haunts the lives of people of color … I see my own privilege and can only understand so much. I know enough to say that for the Black community every day is pervaded by racism. We will do better.”

However, Donohue believes that the key to helping the poor is to improve their education and strengthen the family unit. He argues that many poor children of Asian origin do well in school because they usually have a father and a mother.

“Black kids from two-parent families are not failing in school. The real issue is the family, not race,” the Donohue said.

But de Blasio has opposed improving the education of poor, primarily African American children, and with his policies, he forces children from poor neighborhoods to attend the schools in their districts, which are overcrowded and full of deficiencies.

“If de Blasio really wanted poor kids to succeed in school, he would spend money on charter schools, provide scholarships to private schools, endorse school choice, and allow the poor to enroll in Catholic schools,” Donohue said. ” Instead, he fights every initiative that works.”

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