A conservative political commentator threw her support behind a rapper who the White House publicly criticized for vaccine hesitancy.

Candace Owens defended Nicki Minaj, after presidential chief medical advisor Anthony Fauci strongly rebuked the celebrity for questioning the experimental Chinese Communist Party virus inoculation.

Owens believes the left side of politics and like-minded private sectors represent most of those outraged about Minaj sharing vaccine safety concerns, and her informed medical decision to postpone immunization.

“There are people that control what you are allowed to say, what you are not allowed to say and, if you say something that they do not want you to say, they will make a concerted effort to take you down,” she said on Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“If scientific debate was allowed in the ministry of truth that would be okay but it is not allowed,” she added. “They are actually making a very dangerous mistake because people like Nicki Minaj, they know that she is not a part of the political class.”

The singer previously explained her decision was partly motivated by parental responsibilities, and a friend of the family’s adverse reaction.

“My cousin in Trinidad will not get the vaccine because his friend got it and became impotent,” she said on Twitter.

Several media outlets took these comments out of context, and accused Minaj of “encouraging” followers not to be vaccinated. This allegation came despite her declaring she was open to receive the jab after “enough research” was done.

Fauci seized on the celebrity’s comments that were taken out of context.

“There is a lot of misinformation, mostly on social media, and the only way we know to counter mis- and dis-information is to provide a lot of correct information and to essentially debunk these kinds of claims, which may be innocent on her part,” he said according to WRCB TV.

The Democrat stressed Minaj should “think twice” before spreading information that “really has no basis.” He and Surgeon General Vivek Murthy recently invited the celebrity to “come to the White House to speak” with the two officials.

“The White House has invited me and I think it is a step in the right direction–yes, I am going,” she said on Twitter. “I will be dressed in all pink like Legally Blonde so they know I mean business, [and] I will ask questions on behalf of the people who have been made fun of for simply being human.”

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