There is an ongoing battle between Marcus Lemonis, the CEO of Gander RV and The Statesville City Council after he refused the city’s demand to take down a gigantic American flag he has flying over his RV dealership, even if it means going to jail.

“The flag is not coming down under any circumstance,”, said Lemonis, the chief executive officer of Camping World and star of CNBC’s reality television show “The Profit.”.

The dealership is being sued by the The city of Statesville over a massive 40 by 80 foot which hangs on a 130-foot-high flagpole at Gander RV, according to NBC’s WCNC

The city declared that Lemonis’s flag violates a local ordinance that limits flags to 25 by 40 foot and has been pushing Camping World to replace it with a smaller flag. Since October, the CEO has been fined $50 a day costing more than $11,000 so far, FOX reported

The reality television star tweeted out copies of the filing he applied to The City Council.

Lemonis said he flies oversized flags at all Camping World locations across the country and believes there shouldn’t be any restriction on the size of a flag.

“The flag pole or the flag size should not be regulated unless the health wellness and safety of people is in question,” said Lemonis.

The city council will vote on the ordinance change in July. If approved, Gander RV’s flag could keep flying.

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