A woman in California was impaled in the leg Saturday morning, Nov. 2,  when a large metal bar fell off a moving big truck driving on Highway 99 and pierced the car she was riding in.

“The metal bar then bounced up and entered the right front of the Chevy, traveled through the engine compartment and entered the passenger compartment of the Chevy and impaled the right leg of the right front passenger,” the California Highway Patrol’s South Sacramento division said in a statement.

The metal bar that allegedly fell off a big rig and then pierced through a Chevy traveling behind it before becoming impaled in the leg of the front passenger, on Nov. 2, 2019. (California Highway Patrol South Sacramento)

The driver of the Impala pulled off the highway and called 911, while the big rig continued driving.

Police and local firefighters arrived on the scene to remove the bar from the woman’s leg and rushed her to an emergency room. Luckily, she survived. 

Anyone who may have witnessed the incident Saturday morning and has information regarding the location of the semi-truck allegedly involved is urged to contact CHP Officer Jim Young at (916) 681-2300 or by email at [email protected]