The nation’s second most populated city was warned to address the rising number of people sleeping on the street or else the federal government will do it for them.

President Donald Trump has asked the city of Los Angeles to quickly resolve its homeless crisis otherwise the Trump administration will have no choice but to intervene.

“They have to clean it up, you have needles, you have things that we do not want to discuss all over the streets, flowing into the oceans and you have beaches, and it should not happen,” the president told the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee at the Montage Beverly Hills according to the White House. “If they [the city] cannot do it themselves we are going to do it, the federal government is going to take it over and we are going to do it.”

Talks are underway between the Oval Office and cities of both LA and San Francisco to help more disadvantaged people find shelter and stop sleeping on the streets.

“I see it, I see what is happening to LA, I see what is happening to San Francisco, I see what is happening to some great cities,” the president said. “I have said to my people [in the White House]: whether they like it not, we are going to have to do something … we are really taking a role in it.”

He expressed deep disappointment with how LA has handled the rising number of slums appearing along city streets.

“It is not thinkable what they have allowed to happen to these cities … how horrible a situation that is but also, look what it is doing to your cities, it is so disgraceful,” he said. “[It is] incredible … there is no reason that this should have ever happened—our greatest cities.”

The president believes California’s homeless crisis could be resolved through making changes at the top level of the city’s administration, suggesting the Democratic Party’s stronghold on the Golden State could be a contributing factor.

“With LA, San Francisco, and other places … they have one thing in common: the leadership,” he said. “These are cities that 10 years ago were the most beautiful cities and now people walk away and leave, and they just say horrible things.”

The remarks came after the president signed a new deal that promises federal government support for LA to bid for the 2028 Olympic Games, which would be the nation’s first since the previous 2002 Salt Lake City Games were held in Utah. Former President Barack Obama’s administration refused to provide federal level support for a bid for the Olympic Games.

“They just wanted some support and they were not getting it at all from the past administration,” the president said. “We are going to give them tremendous support, you need the support of the federal government to make it really work and we have it. It is going to be a fantastic Olympics.”

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