A lottery winner who purchased a $26 million SuperLotto Plus ticket at a California gas station last year inadvertently washed away her winnings in the laundry, according to KTLA.

The lady purchased the ticket in Norwalk on Nov. 14, 2020, but was unable to claim her prize due to the mishap. 

Surveillance video showed the woman purchasing the winning ticket from the gas station, Frank—the manager of the Arco AM-PM outside Los Angeles, where it was sold, told KTLA on Thursday, May 13.

The customer, identified as a woman in her 40s by the store employees, is also a regular at the gas station.

She had returned to the station to say she had purchased the ticket in an effort to collect her winnings before the ticket expired.

The woman recalled putting the ticket in her pocket after purchasing it but failing to remove it later that day while doing her laundry. The woman was told by Frank to inform reporters that she was the missing lottery winner, but she refused.

Officials said that winners who misplaced their ticket should only provide substantial evidence, such as a picture or photocopy of the front and back of the ticket because the surveillance video is not enough to verify a winning ticket purchase.

According to the state lottery, if the prize is not claimed, a one-time donation of $19.7 million would be made to California’s public schools.

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