A California teacher posted a video that went viral, in which she can be seen mocking the U.S. flag and bragging about replacing it in her classroom with a gay pride flag. 

The teacher was identified as Kristin Pitzen, a teacher at Newport Mesa Schools in Orange County, California. According to the Tik Tok video she posted, she argued that she felt “uncomfortable” and suggested to her students that the Pledge of Allegiance to the U.S. flag had been removed from her classroom.

By Pitzen’s own account, during the pandemic, she felt uncomfortable with the U.S. flag in the classroom and consequently decided to remove it. 

“It used to be there, but I took it down during COVID because it made me uncomfortable,” the controversial teacher says in the video. One day, a student commented on the lack of flag in the classroom, to which Pitzen responded:

“In the meantime, I have a flag you can pledge allegiance to. And he looks around and says … that one?” pointing to a large gay pride flag hanging next to the chalkboard. And yes, that flag was what the teacher was referring to.

Pitzen’s response provoked intense indignation in the networks and much more in the parents of her students, who decided to call a protest outside the school in disagreement with the teacher’s actions.

Early Monday morning, Aug. 30, a demonstration was held in front of the school as people gathered to show their support for the American flag.

“I couldn’t believe how ignorant she seemed to be,” one mother, Stephanie Cox, told NBC Los Angeles media. 

The video even drew the attention of former Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell.

“What kind of parent would allow their child to be taught by this wacko? Why are parents turning their kids over to someone they don’t know? I’d like to talk to people who think this is good?!?” Grenell wrote on Twitter.

The news about the Pitzen teacher broke the same week that another California teacher stirred controversy by admitting that he works to instill leftist ideology in his students and recruits them to join extracurricular demonstrations.

Inderkum High School teacher Gabriel Gipe was caught on camera by Project Veritas bragging about abusing his authority to quickly radicalize young people.

“I have 180 days to turn them into revolutionaries … scare the [expletive] out of them,” he said in the video obtained by a conservative research organization.

The teacher convinced students to join the protests and rewarded them with extra grades for reflecting leftist values in assessable material.

“I post a calendar every week,” he can be heard saying. “I have had students show up for protests, community events, tabling, food distribution, all sorts of things … [and] when they go, they take pictures, they write up a reflection—that is their extra credit.”

Natomas Unified School District Superintendent Chris Evans confirmed in a written statement that Gabriel Gipe will be dismissed from his teaching duties.

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