Officials in Malibu, said California’s homeless moving to public beaches, using public parking spots and staying for days and weeks at a time has caused many problems, according to FOX Business

“Motorhomes have 30- to 40-, 50-gallon capacities in the septic systems. They’re dumping [sewage] right onto the rocks or onto the beach, into the public right of way,” Malibu councilman Jefferson Wagner told FOX Business on Wednesday, Feb. 19.

Wagner said this movement is “a health violation, and it’s a humanitarian violation.” He called this an abuse of public lands.

Petty crime and open fires for cooking and heating of the homeless camps are also raising concerns about safety.

Officials are considering relocating homeless residents, including prohibiting overnight parking, changing signage to instruct people to move vehicles every couple of hours and offering vouchers for inland housing.

At least 81 vehicles were tallied in January’s homeless count of Malibu up from 61 in 2019, according to Fox News.

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